Q. What are the ways to cure recurrent UTI?

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Dr. Nagaraj Patil
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Hello doctor,

I have a recurring UTI. I am travelling at the moment so wanted to get some advice on how to get rid of it. I have already taken a three-day course of antibiotics the first time I had it. It went away but maybe a week later it came back at which point I took a sachet that you dissolve in water. It also went away then but it has come back now because yesterday I took a morning after-pill I think. There seems to be a tiny bit of blood. Although this is the third time, it fully comes back, it always seem to be there a little bit on and off sometimes just for an hour or occasionally when I pee. I am not sure if there is a cause for concern but can anyone tell me whether I am not taking the right medication to fix this.

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Dr. Nagaraj Patil

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In males, recurrent urinary tract infections are uncommon and always indicate an underlying pathology or anatomical abnormality of the urinary tract. It requires complete examination of urinary tract to look for any pathology or anatomical abnormality ASAP because if these problems remain untreated can have long term and serious consequences on kidneys including kidney failure. I recommend you to visit your urologist at the earliest to identify the cause and treat it accordingly.

In females, urinary tract infections are little common because of short urethra especially in married females and pregnant women. However, too frequent UTI is also not acceptable and it warrants complete examination of urinary tract to identify the pathology or anatomical abnormality and treat it accordingly. Ultrasound of KUB region will help in identifying problem and urine culture and sensitivity will guide you for the correct antibiotics. Suggestion is to have plenty of fluids to maintain urine pH towards alkaline. I advice to take antibiotics only after consulting your urologist.

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