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Stay Home but Stay ACTIVE

Published on Apr 09, 2020   -  8 min read


This article discusses in detail how to take care of one’s health and stay fit during the days of lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus. It helps readers find easy avenues to exercise and engage in hobbies rather than just watch television and share forwards on social media.

Stay Home but Stay ACTIVE

The entire world is in a complete lockdown. You cannot go outside the house. If you do, you might get punished. Software engineers are working at home. Doctors are giving online consultations. The government has brought in changes in its telemedicine guidelines. Non-essential services are closed down. While some share route maps of positive COVID-19 cases and their contacts, others are drawing their own route map from the living room to the kitchen and sometimes the bathroom.

Yes, it is due to the dreaded coronavirus, which originated in China. The one that has claimed thousands of lives worldwide. The one that has brought developed nations to its knees. The one that is now making you sit at home and ‘be responsible.’ The one that has made binge-watching the ‘IT’ thing now. The one that is going to get you glued to your chair or bed and give laziness a whole new meaning. But, does it then mean that we are going to get lazy? Lazy as in:

Are not all these activities (or the sheer lack of any physical activity) going to take its toll on our health? Aren’t we going to get posture and spine related issues? Truncal obesity? Weight gain? Lazy minds?

Now I will give you a picture of how you are going to be like (or what you are going to suffer from) at the end of this lockdown. Or if god forbid, at the end of whatever time it takes for the lockdown to get lifted (for the virus to calm down).

  1. Neck pain due to constantly looking down at your smartphones.
  2. Posture problems due to the above and watching TV endlessly.
  3. Spine problems and backaches due to wrong posture.
  4. Feeling lazy due to spending large amounts of time doing nothing.
  5. Addiction to phone and TV causing real life to get affected.
  6. Difficult interpersonal relationships.
  7. Weight gain due to a lack of physical activity.
  8. Weight gain due to binge eating and eating an excess of carbs.
  9. Atrophy of muscles due to disuse.
  10. Obesity will worsen in those who are already overweight.
  11. Mood swings due to hormonal fluctuations on account of lack of physical activity.
  12. Increased cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugars.
  13. Depression and sleeplessness.
  14. Erectile dysfunction and PCOS problems causing difficulties in getting pregnant.
  15. Trigger of exacerbations of chronic illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.
  16. Fragile musculoskeletal system.

And guess what, you do not get to see the doctor unless it is an absolute emergency. Unless there is such urgency, you will not be able to visit the hospital. Because visiting a hospital will increase the risk of you and your family and contacts contracting the VIRUS. The above is because you are missing out on a hell lot of things in your normal life. On a normal day, you get up early, wash yourself, eat a quick breakfast, send your kids to school and go to work. You dress up well, adjust your hair, drive, park in the parking lot, walk fast, climb a few flights of stairs, sit in your cabin, report to your boss, make presentations, work on finishing work within deadlines, eat a quick lunch, and continue working and come back home.

A doctor or nurse or any medical professional will go for rounds, take the history of patients, examine him, accompany the patient to his room, help him with basic activities, give him intravenous injections and timely medicines, go to the radiology department, collect reports and hand over to the chief consultant, present cases to the senior, and get their logbook signed at the end of the day.

When you get back home, you quickly get refreshed and spend quality time with your loved ones, spend time with the kids, help them with their homework, listen to your loved one about their day at the office or home, arrange things for the next day and sleep. Yes guys, this is normal. Your body is in a routine. It knows when to wake up, when to sleep, when to exercise, when to leisure, when to laze, and when to bathe. The time you spend at each juncture is important and valuable. You give your best to it. You are more productive. You stay active in your daily routine. You have a time-bound table to follow. You value the time you get with your wife or husband or partner or kids. You only complain about the lack of time. You try and utilize the available time to your benefit. To everyone’s benefit, in fact. You waste very little time. Rather, you take care not to waste any. You try and keep everyone happy. Your mind and body stay young and active.

Contrast the above ‘normal’ with the new ‘normal’ that has set in for now. Look at what we are up to now. Fast forward to whatever time it takes for the lockdown to be lifted, and see where you are.

No, not everyone will escape. Some of you, if not the most, will succumb to the problems I foresaw. For some, these problems may even act as a catalyst to more adverse health events. Each will have his own health issue that can be stopped if he acts now. The lockdown can be turned to your advantage if you decide to do so. Will you be able to? Yes, of course, you will be. You need to follow a good routine, eat healthily, surround yourself with positive thoughts, work on your hobbies, talk to a friend (of course, over the phone), jog on the treadmill, do some weights at home, do Yoga, etc. I have listed a few activities and grouped them under a few main items, which I feel, will help rejuvenate your life and help you spend time usefully. The following will help you get the hang of your life during these difficult times. They will give you some ideas on how you can turn these 21 (or more) days to your benefit. These can act as the long-needed vacation for you. Vacation for your mind to rejuvenate. The vacation for you to heed to the needs of your family so that they never complain about how you do not spend time with them. These days can turn around your life by filling it with positivity and love so that you grow further as an individual.

Yoga and Meditation:

Meditation is important. It:

And what other better way to meditate than by Yoga, the one proven since times immemorial, the one designed and developed by our learned ancestors. Go ahead and practice Yoga guys. Spend an hour daily doing meditation and Asanas and see the difference.


Choose a good workout routine that you can do at home. Some may have been going to the gym routinely and maybe finding it difficult to replicate the same back home now. Listen, guys, whether you were a fitness enthusiast before or a couch potato always, right now is the time to chalk out a good plausible workout plan with the resources available at your home. You may have some minimal weights, a treadmill, cross trainer, a cycle, dumbbells, etc. Get professional help online on how to achieve your goals relating to weight loss or strength training or bodybuilding with limited resources.

The lockdown is no excuse for you not to exercise. Keep yourself active and fit. Continue doing your fitness bit so that once the lockdown is lifted you can resume your hard work in the gym without any loss of energy or muscle during the intervening period. I am providing you all with a list of exercises for you guys to do. This is not the ultimate list. Please improvise on it based on your needs and interests. Tweak this list based on what your goals are.

  1. Push-ups.
  2. Biceps and triceps curls.
  3. Surya namaskar.
  4. Contralateral limb raises.
  5. Bent knee push-ups.
  6. Crunches.
  7. Push up with single-leg raises.
  8. Planks.
  9. Reverse crunches.
  10. Cobra.
  11. Squats.
  12. Forward lunges.
  13. Glute lunges.
  14. Hip rotations.
  15. Single leg stand.
  16. Calf raises.
  17. Skipping rope.
  18. Running on the treadmill.
  19. Spot jogging.
  20. Neck exercises.


Get a dietician to help you with a diet plan in these difficult times based on your health goals. Attend to those who have lifestyle ailments like diabetes and hypertension and prepare a special diet. Take adequate care while preparing the diet of the elderly. Include lots of fresh fruits and veggies in your daily diet. Avoid tinned and canned items as much as possible unless there is no other option.

Household Activities:

Learn to make basic foods and dishes from your wife or mother (what if the virus is going to become a perennial phenomenon). Teach your kids the significance and meaning of social distancing, hand washing techniques, sanitization, cleanliness, personal hygiene, and civic sense. Reflect on yourself whether you have practiced these in the past.

TV Hours:

Fix your TV hours (yes, you can allot more hours than usual, of course). Take frequent breaks. Regularly check your posture while watching TV or working on your laptop. Stand up once a while and stretch a few times every hour while watching TV. Let your kids also watch TV but fix the hours. Give them some video game time. Video games are better than TV, as they stimulate your mind to think. It helps engage your kids’ minds and thought processes.

Dance and Music:

Let the singer in you loose. Dance to some music. Play your favorite track and let your body loose. Dance for a few minutes every couple of hours. Pull your loved one along, and enjoy a duet dance. Seek more ideas online on how to make this work. Help your kids with their singing lessons if you can, because they will be missing those due to the lockdown.


Get your canvas and start painting. Try sketching, painting, oil or pastel, fabric painting, pencil drawing, etc. Take online lessons for the same, and see how you excel in it. Try learning a new language. Find out how good you are in learning and speaking a new language. Try looking for a new recipe. Keep yourself active.

You can try knitting, reading books, computer games, video games, sewing, gardening, storytelling, etc. Books can act as an excellent companion to you during these stressful times if you are fond of reading. Some of you who are into writing can start doing it straight away.

Engaging in a hobby is the best way to while away time. It brings you immense peace of mind with calmness and positivity. Support your loved ones in their household work if they want to take some time off and engage in some hobby of their own.

Check other DIY activities that can keep you engaged yet happy. Practice healthy lifestyle guys! For all your health-related needs, we are just a click away. Stay Home, Stay Fit, and Stay Healthy. Peace!!


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