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Sources and Importance of Vitamin D

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This article discusses the importance of vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency, and its natural sources.

Sources and Importance of Vitamin D

Sources of Vitamin D:

  • Sunlight is the most important and abundant source of vitamin D available.
  • Non-vegetarian food is the second most important sources of vitamin D. Examples are fish oils, egg yolk, dairy products, etc.
  • Vegetarian food has scarce amounts of vitamin D. Some of the examples are mushrooms, broccoli, avocado, tofu, and fortified cereals.

Some Important Facts About Vitamin D Are as Follows:

  • Vitamin D from the sunlight is absorbed into our body through the skin. Hence, its absorption is decreased by using sunscreen lotions.
  • Vitamin D is activated in our body in the liver and the kidney. Hence, its deficiency can be seen in people suffering from liver or kidney diseases.
  • Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium from the intestines.
  • The active form of vitamin D has an anti-proliferative effect on keratocytes (skin cells), breast cancer cells, and prostate cancer cells. Hence, it is seen to be protective against these cancers.

Long-Standing Vitamin D Deficiency: It results in decreased calcium levels, accompanied by impaired mineralization of the skeleton and proximal myopathy. Undermineralization of the bones leads to easy fractures.

Diagnosis of Vitamin D Deficiency:- The most specific screening test in otherwise healthy individuals is serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D levels.

Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency:- The treatment includes supplementation with Vitamin D and Calcium.

It is important to note that self-administration of medications should be avoided, as vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. Hence, the excess amount is not easily excreted out of the body and would lead to vitamin D toxicity. Hence, it is recommended to get treated under the supervision of your physician.

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