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Guidance for Eye Checkup - How to Check for Perfect Numbers?

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Guidance for Eye Checkup - How to Check for Perfect Numbers?

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Refractive error is a very common problem. Here, I have discussed a few points as guidance for an eye checkup.

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Dr. K. Shobana

Published At November 17, 2016
Reviewed AtSeptember 14, 2022

Refractive error is very common among children and middle-aged patients. In case of eyesight problem, first, consult an eye surgeon. He will check your vision and refractive error with autorefractor. Cycloplegic refraction is a must for the first time refractive error checkup.

Refractive Error Checkup:

  • You will be advised to sit for half an hour outside the consulting room after giving you cycloplegic eye drops. Then, you will be examined for dilated pupil refraction. This will perfectly give your refraction.
  • Then, your doctor will check for vision at the same time or some will call you one or two days later for perfect numbers. However, this will give you perfect numbers.

This is very useful for all age groups of patients. After cycloplegic eye drops administration, you will be having some blurred vision for distance and more for near. But, do not worry as this will go away in a day.

Also, those who are near 40 years of age and have difficulty with near vision, should start wearing presbyopic glasses. Without this, you may increase your headache by reading without glasses. Those who work for a long time on computers around 7 to 8 hours also should use artificial eye drops between the work and use antireflective coating glasses for computer use.

Refractive errors may be plus (hypermetropia - long-sightedness), minus (myopia - short-sightedness) or astigmatism (corneal curvature problem) numbers. Some people ask about other methods used to remove the numbers, but this is not true. Numbers are natural phenomena and not removed by medicine or other way. It can go away by its own depending upon the type of numbers.

When you go for number checking please tell the doctor about your eye problem completely.

For further guidance regarding eye checkup consult an eye care ophthalmologist online --> https://www.icliniq.com/ask-a-doctor-online/eye-care-ophthalmologist

Frequently Asked Questions


Which Eye Power Is Ideal for Good Vision?

A score of 20/20 is ideal for viewing an object at a distance of 20 feet. An increase in eye power may affect the clarity of vision. Glasses and contact lenses can help overcome difficulties and ensure better vision.


How Can Eye Test Results Be Interpreted?

An eye test result may have a plus (+) or minus (-) sign or a combination of both. A plus sign with numerical values may indicate that the individual is farsighted, whereas a minus sign may indicate an individual is short-sighted. Glasses and lenses may be designed to accommodate proper vision depending on the eye's power.


What Do You Understand By 20-40 Vision?

A vision score of 20-40 may indicate that the individual is nearsighted. They may be able to view objects at 20 feet that are at a distance of 40 feet. Although it may not require glasses in most cases, some individuals face difficulty reading board signs while driving.


Which Power Is Considered Legally Blind?

A power of minus 7 may be considered legally blind. An individual with this eye power will have extremely poor vision and may require glasses or lenses to view objects. In addition, the field of vision may appear cloudy or blurry in these individuals.


What Are the Measures to Enhance My Eyesight?

Vitamin A plays a crucial role in good eyesight. Consuming a balanced diet with vegetables and limiting screen time is beneficial to maintain healthy vision. In addition, following the 20-20-20 rule can give good relaxation to the eyes and prevents muscle straining.


Can I Restore My Eyesight to Normal?

Restoring an individual’s eyesight completely depends on the cause of the condition. Mild changes in eyesight can be managed without glasses. However, straining the eyes more frequently may increase eye power. With appropriate measures, an individual may prevent the eye power from gradually increasing.


What Are the Possible Cause for Loss of Vision?

Loss of vision is common in road traffic accidents, fire accidents, or working in the chemical industry that causes unintentional damage to the eyes. In addition, sports injuries may also contribute to loss of vision. Hence it is essential to take proper care of the eyes.


Which Eyesight Problems Commonly Occur?

The visual problems that commonly occur in an individual are short-sightedness or long-sightedness. Some individuals with a combination of both may require bifocal lenses to accommodate both vision problems. In addition, regular use of glasses may limit eye power and prevent further damage to the eyes.


Can Eyesight Be Improved With Glasses?

Glasses play a crucial role in improving eyesight. They help to accommodate light accordingly so that the image formed can be viewed with clarity. There are various types of glasses, like reading glasses, computer glasses, and power glasses, each specific to an individual.


Can Eye Power Be Resolved Without Glasses?

An individual may opt for lenses if they are specific about their appearance. However, glasses are easy to wear and carry. In addition, advanced technology like laser treatment has helped to prevent the usage of glasses.
Dr. Snehal Himmatlal Shah
Dr. Snehal Himmatlal Shah

Ophthalmology (Eye Care)


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