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About "Fetal Medicine"

The study of the growth, development, care, and treatment of diseases in a fetus is called fetal medicine. The doctor who specializes in managing the health of a mother and her fetus during and after pregnancy is known as a maternal-fetal medicine specialist or perinatologist. They generally care for women having a complicated or high-risk pregnancy.

A maternal-fetal specialist gives prenatal care for high-risk pregnancy like women pregnant with twins. They manage all existing health problems like diabetes, kidney problem, heart problem, and high blood pressure, as it might affect the developing fetus. They do routine examination and ultrasounds to check the babies growth and development. They also check for birth defects by conducting tests like amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, fetal echocardiogram, and umbilical cord sampling.

The developing fetus might be at risk of developing congenital abnormalities, infections, chromosomal abnormalities, and growth problems. If they detect any birth defects, they start the treatment before the baby is even born. Depending on the condition, they might provide medicines, blood transfusion, and perform surgery to help the baby inside the womb. They also help pregnant women, when complications like preterm labor and pre-eclampsia develop. If you have any health condition and are pregnant or if you are pregnant with twins, it is best to consult a fetal medicine specialist online or in person, as they are highly experienced in managing high-risk pregnancies.

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