Medical Advice on "Cardiology"

Dr. Ilir  Sharka
Hello, Welcome to After reviewing your medical history, I would like to explain that you need to closely monitor your blood pressure values for a couple of days (several times daily) in order to conclude on your average BP trends. It ... View thread »

Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif Md.
Hi, Welcome to I have worked through your query and understand your health issues. I assure you not worry as you have consulted the appropriate expert physician who will take care of all of your medical concerns. The reasons for ... View thread »

Dr. Muhammad Zohaib  Siddiq
Hi, Welcome to Please send me your ECG and other test reports so that I may guide you better. If you are asthmatic and have tachycardia, Nebivolol is better than Metoprolol, yet I want to check your reports to devise a proper plan for ... View thread »

Dr. Ilir  Sharka
Hello, Welcome to I passed carefully through your concern and would explain that your symptoms do not seem to be related to cardiac ischemia. These muscle twitching may be caused by possibile water and electrolytes imbalances. This, in ... View thread »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode
Hello, Welcome to I have gone through the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Firstly, her heart function being low 25 to 30 percent, she has the tendency for low BP. So her BP will remain low. Over and above, ... View thread »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode
Hello, Welcome to Yes, it is possible, but a likely possibility is of ventricular ectopics (or other causes) rather than Afib which could also cause irregular heartbeats on the machine. Even in normal individuals, the machine may ... View thread »

Dr. Salam Salloum
Hi, Welcome to The ECG shows that you have a fast heart rate of around 120 bpm (100 is the upper limit normal at rest). This could be because you had the ECG immediately after walking long distance or not had adequate rest before you ... View thread »

Dr. Amiya  Kumar  Chattopadhyay
Hi, Welcome to On the face of diabetes and hypertension with raised cholesterol and LDL, I suggest you add tablet Rosuvas (Rosuvastatin) one tablet daily after dinner. Consult your doctor. I think the dose of anti-diabetes medicine ... View thread »

Dr. Prashant  Valecha
Hi, Welcome to My advice to you as per your complaints and reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity), Lifestyle modification which includes exercise of 30 minutes jogging or brisk walk every day or at least four days ... View thread »

Dr. Anshul  Varshney
Hi, Welcome to I have read your query in detail and I understand your concern. I need to know a few more details to help you better. Is there any history of diabetes or chest pain or hypertension? Does he get breathlessness on ... View thread »