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About "Stroke"

Stroke is a condition where the brain tissue is deprived of nutrients and oxygen when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or reduced. The cells in the brain begin to die within minutes. The symptoms of a stroke are paralysis, trouble speaking, problems with seeing with one or both eyes, headache, loss of balance, and dizziness. Clot formation in arteries supplying the brain, uncontrolled hypertension, overtreatment with blood thinners, aneurysm, intracerebral hemorrhage, and subarachnoid hemorrhage can cause a stroke. Some of the risk factors for stroke are hypertension, obesity, diabetes, smoking, tobacco use, sedentary lifestyle, and drug abuse. The treatment for stroke depends on the type of stroke, and the treatment is done either with antiplatelet drugs, clot-breaking drugs, mechanical thrombectomy, or by placing a stent.

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