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About "Pediatric Surgery"

Pediatric surgery is the subspecialty of surgery which involves the surgical treatment of diseases seen in infants and children. If your child is ill and requires surgery for his condition, then a pediatric surgeon is qualified to carry out this surgery. Surgical problems in a child are very different from that seen in an adult, so specialized training in pediatric surgery is very crucial. The subspecialties of pediatric surgery are: Neonatal surgery: In conditions like a birth defect in the abdominal wall (gastroschisis) or congenital diaphragmatic hernia, pediatric surgeons plan and perform surgeries shortly after delivery. Fetal surgery: When surgery is conducted to treat birth defects in fetuses that are still inside the uterus, it is called fetal surgery. Conditions requiring fetal surgery are congenital heart disease, spina bifida, pulmonary sequestration, etc. The common pediatric diseases and conditions that may require pediatric surgery are lymphangioma, cleft lip, undescended testes, hernias, tumors, hydrocele, varicoceles, birth defects, transplantation operations, appendicitis, and severe injuries from an accident. During pregnancy, if any congenital disability or tumor is detected in an ultrasound or during a routine checkup, you might be referred to a pediatric surgeon, who will diagnose the condition and suggest the best treatment option for you and your child.

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