Incidental Finding of Prostate Enlargement. (General Medicine)

Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali., BHMS


Medical Case Details:

A patient, who is 56 years old, had an ultrasound for gallstone problem. In the report, there was an incidental finding of prostate enlargement. The patient does not have any complaint related to the prostate. There is no urine retention in USG after passing urine. Is it necessary to start medication for prostate enlargement?



    Dr. Abhijit Ray
    General Practitioner

    That depends on the present size of the prostate. Since the man is 56years old, he is nearing the age for BHP. If the prostate enlargement is relatively small, no medication is required now. Just wait and watch.

    22.Nov, 03:32pm

    Dr. Jay Indravadan Patel


    As mentioned by Dr. Abhijit Ray, we need to wait and watch if any symptoms arise. Based on the complaint of the patient the treatment can be planned.


    19.Feb, 11:52pm

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