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Dr. Albana Greca
Tinea Capitis or Psoriasis?, posted by Dr. Albana Greca under General Medicine
Hello, I want an opinion regarding my 11-year-old patient having patches on her head (at first, the patch was small and localized, now it has spread all over her head and starting to spread on the upper arm) for several months now—treatment with ... View thread »


Dr. Albana Greca
Coronavirus reinfection?, posted by Dr. Albana Greca under General Medicine
Hello, Do you have any experience with Coronavirus reinfection in the same patients? What clinical presentation did they have? Was it worse or with fewer symptoms? Please share. Thank you in advance ... View thread »


Dr. Albana Greca
Is It Ongoing COVID Infection?, posted by Dr. Albana Greca under General Medicine
Hello, In the attachment, there is one of my patient's lab results. There is no symptom to mention or highlight. She tested negative with the rapid test, but the serology test turned positive today. What do you think? Should she take rest for another ... View thread »


Dr. Albana Greca
Can you help?, posted by Dr. Albana Greca under General Medicine
Hello I have this patient already treated for phlebitis 2 weeks ago. After treatment, symptoms reappeared. Have a look at the photo please. Already given heparin sc, cefaclor, diosmin, anti-inflammatory cream and diosmin cream, started dexa ... View thread »

Dr. Albana Greca
What's your judgment?, posted by Dr. Albana Greca under General Medicine
Hello Can you please help with this x-ray of my patient? Thank you in advance ... View thread »


Dr. Ramasamy Maruthiah Thevar
This patient till 2 days back was asymptomatic, suddenly developed shortness of breath, vague chest pain, palpitation, & numbness of both UL. She was brought to the ED the next day. In the present scenario of COVID-19, the possibility of COVID-19 was ... View thread »


Dr. Albana Greca
Occasional fresh blood in infant, posted by Dr. Albana Greca under General Medicine
Hello my dear colleagues, I have a difficult case to share with you. My patient 2 months old, since 2 weeks has been experiencing blood when changing diapers first thing in the morning. I've attached a photo. The only connection is he has been ... View thread »


Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali
A patient, who is 56 years old, had an ultrasound for gallstone problem. In the report, there was an incidental finding of prostate enlargement. The patient does not have any complaint related to the prostate. There is no urine retention in USG after ... View thread »


Dr. Chandra Shekhar
A 60 year old male presented with generalized anasarca with respiratory distress, conscious cooperative PR-130, RR -40, BP 160/100, SPO2 - 90 and TLC 26000 , PH 7.12 , PCO2 80, PO2 55, HCO3 33. What to do next and what is the line of management ... View thread »


Dr. Aida Abaz Quka
The patient complaints of headaches in the frontal region from 15 days, with blurring vision in the right eye, right palpebral ptosis. There is nonreactive midriasis in the right eye. Brain CT scan and MRI normal. No other symptoms ... View thread »



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