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About "Cosmetology"

The word 'cosmetic' refers to something that improves one's appearance. So, a cosmetologist is a trained professional who provides services to restore or improve your beauty and feeling of wellness. This will include providing beauty treatments for skin, hair, and nails. A cosmetic dermatologist is a skin specialist in the medical field who specialized in caring for the appearance of the external body as well as deals with diseases of the skin, hair, and nails and treats them.

But, it is common in many countries to wrongly refer to a cosmetic dermatologist as a cosmetologist. This can cause a lot of confusion and misunderstandings on what procedures the specialist is allowed or not allowed to carry out.

The areas of specialization of cosmetic dermatologists include carrying out Botox injections, anti-cellulite treatments, chemical peels, hair loss treatments, acne treatments, dermabrasions, laser surgery, skin rejuvenation, liposuction and more.

If you are still unsure of the difference and what is acceptable for your cosmetologist to carry out, it is a good idea to chat with a cosmetologist online and find out more details about the treatment processes, what to expect and possible outcomes. This is important because often it so happens that the outcome you expected does not match the one that arrived. So, choose wisely and make an informed decision about your health.

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