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About "Interventional radiology"

Interventional radiology is a surgical specialty that uses minimally invasive image-guided techniques to diagnose and cure certain diseases. An interventional radiologist performs a range of interventional medical procedures by interpreting the images obtained, to diagnose and treat various illness.

Interventional radiologist use imaging techniques like X-rays, CT (Computed Tomography) scan, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), fluoroscopy, and ultrasound, to look inside the patient’s body and perform procedures with the help of these images. Some of the diagnostic procedures performed using interventional radiology are angiography, biopsy, and cholangiography. Few of the therapeutic procedures performed by an interventional radiologist are angioplasty, thrombolysis, aneurysm repair, artery embolization, dialysis, cholecystostomy, etc.

Interventional radiology can also be used in the treatment of cancer. It is used to inject chemotherapy and embolic agents into the tumor blood supply (chemoembolization), or to inject radioactive objects into the tumors blood supply (radioembolization), or tumor cells are destroyed by using heat (radiofrequency ablation) or cold (cryoablation).

The other uses are to place drains to remove fluid buildup in the lungs or abdomen, joint injection for arthritis, inserting central lines, drain an abscess, to place feeding and chest tubes, and to treat vascular malformations. To know more about the procedures involved in interventional radiology, you can ask questions to professionally trained interventional radiologists online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are radiologists and interventional radiologists the same?

Radiologists diagnose various conditions with the help of imaging techniques, such as X-rays, ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI. And an interventional radiologist are trained in interventional radiology, which is a sub-specialty of radiology, and are trained to use minimally-invasive procedures that are guided through images to diagnose and treat various conditions.

Q.What are the common procedures done in interventional radiology?

Some of the common procedures done using interventional radiology are:
- Angiography.
- Balloon angioplasty.
- Insertion of a central line.
- Chemoembolization.
- Fallopian tube catheterization.
- Needle biopsy.
- Treatment of varicose veins.

Q.What is the role of a vascular interventional radiologist?

A vascular interventional radiologist helps other doctors in performing minimally invasive and image-guided vascular procedures such as angioplasty, thrombolysis, and stenting.

Q.Are interventional radiology procedures safe?

As interventional radiology procedures are minimally invasive, they are much safer than other open surgeries.

Q.Can a radiologist perform surgeries?

No, a radiologist are not trained to perform surgeries. But an interventional radiologist helps other doctors perform minimally-invasive and image-guided vascular procedures.

Q.What are the different radiology specialties?

The main radiology specialties include:
- Diagnostic radiology.
- Interventional radiology.
- Radiation oncology.

Q.What do radiologists use to protect themselves from radiation?

Radiologist either stand behind a protective screen or curtain, wear protective lead aprons, goggles, and gloves to protect themselves from radiation.

Q.Can a radiologist do ultrasounds?

Yes, radiologists are trained to take ultrasounds.

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