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About "Maxillofacial Prosthodontist"

Maxillofacial prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the art and science of anatomical, functional, or cosmetic reconstruction of regions in the face and neck that are missing or defective because of surgical intervention, trauma, pathology, or developmental and congenital malformations. A dental specialist who helps in the construction of prosthesis that helps in such reconstruction is called a maxillofacial prosthodontist.

Maxillofacial prosthodontists treat patients who have congenital defects of the head and neck region like cleft palate, or defects due to any surgery, accident, or cancer. The most common prostheses fabricated by a maxillofacial prosthodontist are maxillary obturators, speech-aid prosthesis, and mandibular-resection prosthesis. They also help in the fabrication of artificial eyes, nose, and other facial structures.

The objectives of maxillofacial prostheses are the restoration of oral functions and orofacial esthetics. Maxillofacial prosthetics is less invasive and helps the patient avoid surgical reconstruction. It provides better esthetic results than surgical methods and is also cheaper. With the help of online medical platforms, it is becoming easy to consult maxillofacial prosthodontists through real-time video consultation and online consultation. You can ask professionally trained doctors online, which will help you choose the best treatment option available.

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