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About "HIV/AIDS specialist"

An HIV/AIDS specialist is a physician who has specialized in internal medicine and further sub-specialized in infectious diseases (mainly HIV in this case). They have detailed knowledge about the disease, its diagnosis, causative and risk factors, symptoms and signs and management or treatment.

You can visit them if you are suspicious about contracting HIV by unprotected intercourse or contaminated needle injury, or any other causative factor. They will do the required clinical and laboratory examinations and guide you with the result that whether it is negative or positive and accordingly start you on anti-retroviral drugs if required.

Since most of the paranoid patients want to maintain their confidentiality, they prefer a method to contact the doctor without their physical presence and to help you through this, online medical platforms are available. You can consult an HIV/AIDS specialist online with a click on the screen to get a detailed information regarding your concern.

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