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About "Anesthesiology"

An Anesthesiologist is a specialized physician who is in charge of keeping you painless, comfortable and asleep during major surgical procedures. He is a part of the surgical team and has intense knowledge about medicines, diseases, and patient history and is trained to perform various anesthesia techniques. You can see him from the beginning of surgery, post your recovery, until you are totally fine and out of anesthesia.

They can be specialized in pain care related to other diseases like diabetes, headache, etc or obstetrics or intensive care or kids anesthesia, or brain and nerves or heart system anesthesias. Based on their area of duty, they perform. On the day of surgery, they administer the medicine, monitor your pressure, breathing, temperature, etc and following surgery, they monitor you during your recovery so that you do not have to face any complication.

Since many will be inquisitive to get details about the anesthesia procedure before undergoing them, the online platform makes it easier to consult them and get all the information they need with an elaborated sharing of questions, answers, reports, images, and personal and medical histories.

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