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About "Heart block"

Abnormality in the heart rhythm caused due to a complete or partial blockage between the upper and lower chambers of the heart is called heart block. The types of heart block are:

1.     First-degree – The electrical impulses reach slowly. Usually, no symptoms are seen.

2.     Second-degree (Type I) – Here, due to delay in subsequent heartbeats, a beat fails to reach the ventricle entirely. Commonly seen during sleep and is physiologic.

3.     Second-degree (Type II) – Here, some of the electrical impulses do not reach the ventricles. It is more serious than type I and might require treatment with a pacemaker.

4.     Third-degree – In this type of heart block, none of the electrical impulses reach the lower chambers of the heart from the upper chambers. Patients feel fatigue, lightheaded, and exhausted. Here, a permanent pacemaker is inserted.

5.     Bundle branch block – In this type, the electrical impulses are partially or completely blocked as they travel through the ventricles.

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