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About "Cataract"

When the clear lens of the eye becomes dense and cloudy, it is called cataract. Clumps of protein form in the eye that prevent the eyes from forming a clear image. Cataract is seen more commonly in older individuals as it develops very slowly over a long time. The symptoms include blurred vision, colors seem faded, poor eyesight at night, more sensitivity to glare, halos surrounding lights, and double vision. The risk factors for cataract are old age, obesity, hypertension, past eye injury, diabetes, more sun exposure, and radiation exposure during cancer treatment. The surgical treatment methods for cataract are phacoemulsification and extracapsular surgery. In phacoemulsification, ultrasound waves are used to remove the affected lens. And in extracapsular surgery, the affected part of the lens is removed by a long incision in the cornea.

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