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About "Forensic medicine"

Forensic medicine or forensic pathology is the branch of medicine that deals with the application of medical science to criminal and civil laws during a criminal investigation. It is usually used to determine the time or cause of death. A forensic pathologist is a medical practitioner who conducts post mortem to determine the cause of death during a criminal investigation.

A forensic pathologist collects, preserves, and analyzes scientific evidence during such investigations. They also testify as expert witnesses in both criminal and civil cases. They examine not only victims and suspects of crime but also investigate suicides and accidental fatalities. By performing autopsies and studying the tissues, they are able to determine how the person died and collect evidence to submit in the court. The autopsy includes microscopic and X-ray examinations of body tissues.

They work with assistants, police photographers, toxicologists, and forensic odontologists. Forensic pathologists visit the scene of the death and gather information about the time and place of the incident, what the victim was doing, and how was the victim’s health at the time of death. To know more about forensic medicine, consult a forensic pathologist online.

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