Know how an icliniq doctor built confidence in a patient and helped him relax before a scan

#icliniq100hrs success story

​A patient, who had visible blood in his urine after any form of exercise, wished to know if he really required an MRI with contrast for his prostate, as he was perplexed after reading about the toxic effects of the contrast material. The doctor explained to him that although the adverse effects are more likely to be seen in patients with a kidney condition, he could choose to go for a plain MRI and then decide to go for one with a contrast later if reports indicate it to be absolutely necessary.

The patient also had very specific questions about preparation for the MRI scan such as taking his regular medications and if his metal dental implants would interact with the magnetic radiation, etc. The doctor calmly and clearly resolved every minor doubt of his, and the patient was much relieved and provided a feedback that the detailed information provided by the doctor was very beneficial to him as it is usually difficult to get access to such individualized information over the internet.

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