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A 31-year-old male, who had recurrent candidiasis, contacted a dermatologist on The patient had candidiasis infection a year back, which was cured. But the infection this time around was more severe with rashes on the lips and tongue. He also had redness and a blister on the penis head with pus coming out from the blister. The local doctor recommended using antifungal cream and tablet, which the patient started taking. The patient attached many pictures of the affected areas for our doctor to view and wanted a second opinion. Our doctor after careful examination of the photographs reassured the patient that it was indeed candidiasis and that the treatment prescribed by the local doctor was correct. She also advised him to maintain good hygiene and continue the medicine for a couple of weeks.

The patient was thankful for the timely and experienced reply by the doctor and went ahead and cleared all his doubts. He wanted to know how long it will take for the infection to subside, and he also informed that he sees blood and pus on urination. As the patient wanted to start a family, he wanted to know if it is safe for him to have sex and if his wife also needs to take the antifungal medicine. The doctor informed him that he would see positive results in a week, and told him that the bleeding and pus is due to the blister on the penis head. She told him to avoid sexual intercourse until the infection settles, and suggested that antifungals are not needed if the wife has no symptoms.

In the following queries, the patient wanted to know if he can use an intimate wash, things he can eat for faster recovery, and some mouthwash to cure the lesions on the tongue and lips. Our doctor told him to avoid using an intimate wash as it would further irritate the skin, suggested him to consume a protein-rich diet, and prescribed a mouthwash.

After a couple of weeks, the patient informed the doctor that the treatment suggested by her was effective, and the symptoms were almost gone. The doctor told him to continue the treatment for a couple more weeks and reassured him that he would be cured entirely soon. The patient was impressed by the patience with which the doctor answered all his doubts and questions, which helped him cure the infection.

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