Know how an iCliniq doctor helped a patient who was bewildered about finger numbness and pain

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This is about a 58-year-old female who works in a meat shop. She always has her hands in cold and frozen foods. From a few days, her fingers felt numb and painful. Earlier, she used to feel numbness and pain only while handling the frozen stuff. But now the problem persists all the time. She has this issue every day and wakes up with numbness and pain. The patient wanted to know if there is a way to treat this. She was already taking vitamin B12 and wanted to know if there are any other medicines or supplements that she can try.


After reading the patients complaint, our doctor explained to her the reason for numbness and pain. He educated her that keeping our hands in frozen or cold things result in constriction of blood vessels. The blood vessels constrict to prevent any more loss of heat from the body. But because of this constriction, blood does not reach the tissues and nerves in the fingers. This results in pain and numbness. He also informed her that conditions like hypertension and diabetes worsen the situation. So he asked the patient to get her blood sugar and blood pressure checked as soon as possible. As the patient works for long hours with frozen meat, it might have slightly damaged the nerves and tissues in the fingers, which is the cause for constant pain and numbness.


The doctor suggested that she wash her hands and fingers with warm water in between. This will help dilate her blood vessel, which will restore good blood supply to the fingers. He also told her to wear thick rubber gloves while handling frozen foods, as it will prevent direct cold to her hands.


The patient followed the doctor’s instructions and got back to us with an update. She informed us that her blood pressure and blood sugar levels were normal, and also that she does not have pain and numbness anymore. She was thankful for the doctor’s time and advice. She was impressed by the doctor’s prompt and professional advice.

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