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A young woman contacted a dermatologist on, as she was experiencing pimple breakouts for about a year now. The patient had no problems before this, and only had pimples on her cheeks, forehead, chin, and jaw occasionally. But from a year, she has been having huge breakouts, which caused a considerable amount of scaring all over her face. She tried using cleansers for oily skin and frequently used a face scrub and activated charcoal mask, but nothing seemed to help. The patient was fed up with this problem and wanted a solution to stop the pimples from appearing.

As most young adults suffer from similar problems, and due to her experience, our doctor immediately understood what the problem was and suggested a treatment plan. Our doctor told the patient to take tablet Azithromycin, and apply Clindamycin lotion, Tretinoin gel plus cold cream at night, a gel over the scars, and a good sunscreen of SPF 60 evenly and frequently from morning till evening. The doctor told her to consult a local doctor and start with this treatment plan and to follow-up after a month.

The patient consulted a local doctor and got the tablet and lotions, and religiously followed the treatment plan. After a month, she wrote back to our doctor, saying her acne has cleared out over the past week. The acne was still present for the first three weeks of treatment, but it started clearing out eventually. She found the Clindamycin lotion and sunscreen to be of most help. She still had the scars, but they are not as prominent anymore.

iCliniq’s doctor informed the patient that the total course for acne treatment is 3 to 6 months, and it depends upon the treatment response. She told the patient to continue the suggested treatment and to drink a lot of water. The patient was grateful for the doctor’s prompt and experienced suggestions, which helped her get rid of acne and acne scars.

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