Know How Our iCliniq Doctor Helped a Patient Who Had Recurring Burning Sensation at the Tip of the Urethra

Know How Our iCliniq Doctor Helped a Patient Who Had Recurring Burning Sensation at the Tip of the Urethra

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A patient contacted our iCliniq doctor because he suddenly experienced a burning sensation and discomfort at the tip of the urethra on and off for several months. He had consulted a urologist in his hometown. The urologist advised several tests. The semen culture indicated gram-positive bacteria. From the tests, the urologist concluded that patient the had a prostatitis infection and informed about the same. The urologist recommended several medications to treat the infection. He informed our doctor that he had a burning sensation near the prostate. After he took the recommended medications, the infection subsided.

He said that the infection recurred a few months back. He consulted the same urologist and was not satisfied with the results. He consulted another urologist and recommended multiple tests. The semen culture still showed a gram-negative bacteria. The second urologist prescribed several medications against it. He said that the doctor advised him to stop the antibiotic after one month. But, again he had a sudden burning sensation at the tip of the urethra after he stopped medication. He informed our doctor that he had undergone a yearly medical checkup recently and attached the reports for the same.

Our iCliniq doctor carefully assessed the situation. He explained to the patient that prostatitis is a difficult situation to treat. The treatment he took was correct. The chances of cure were 70 percent. He explained to the patient that most patients can get repeated infections. Our doctor looked at the report on the main examination and found that the report was normal. Our doctor advised the patient to avoid sitting for hours, drink three liters of fluid per day, and drink lemon or orange juice two to three times per week. He also recommended sexual activity or masturbation two to three times a week and 30 minutes of exercise a day. He prescribed some medications for six months. Our doctor also recommended homeopathic medicines to treat prostatitis. He suggested the patient take an online consultation with a homeopathic doctor.

The patient replied and thanked the doctor for the advice. He wanted to clear his doubts about the medicines he was taking. He also asked our doctor to recommend a homeopathic doctor he knew.

Our iCliniq doctor clarified the patient's doubts and gave him the contact number of the homeopathic doctor.

The patient reverted and again thanked our doctor. He said that he felt better after the consultation with our doctor.

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