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About "Movement Disorder"

Movement disorders are a group of neurological disorder causing increased or decreased movements, that can be voluntary or involuntary in nature. The following are some examples of movement disorders:


  1. Ataxia – causes loss of muscle coordination.
  2. Cervical dystonia – results in long-lasting spasms of the neck muscles.
  3. Huntington’s disease – causes nerve cells in the brain to waste away.
  4. Parkinson’s disease – causes tremors, slow movement, and difficulty walking.
  5. Dystonia – results in involuntary muscle contractions and repetitive movements.
  6. Tourette’s syndrome – causes repetitive movements and vocal sounds.
  7. Tremor – causes rhythmic shaking of hands, head, and other body parts.
  8. Restless leg syndrome – causes a strange feeling in the leg while lying down or relaxing.

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