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About "Sexual Disorders and Dysfunctions"

Sexual disorders and dysfunctions are any impairment in normal sexual functioning. It can be anything from lack of sexual desire or interest in sex, inability to get aroused or excited during sexual activity, delay or no orgasm, and pain during intercourse. The symptoms in men include erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, and premature ejaculation. The symptoms seen in women are delayed or no orgasm, inadequate vaginal lubrication, and tight vaginal muscles. The other symptoms that are seen are lack of libido, no sexual arousal, and pain during sexual intercourse. The physical factors causing sexual disorders are diabetes, heart diseases, blood circulation problem, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalance, alcoholism, drug abuse, and kidney diseases. Psychological factors like depression, anxiety, stress, feeling guilty, etc., can also result in sexual dysfunctions. Depending on the cause, the treatment options are medications (Tadalafil, Sildenafil), vacuum devices, penile implant, sex therapy, and psychotherapy.

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