Ayurveda treatment for hypothyroidism (Ayurveda Specialist)

Dr. Pratibha Jain., BAMS


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My patient's age is 29 years, and her TSH level is 17.3. She wants a permanent cure for this. Please suggest some really effective treatment for this. I have given her Kanchnar Guggul and Ashwagandha capsule, but it did not have any result.



    Dr. Gandhidas S Lavekar
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Dear Doctor, Please give following treatment for three months and check up TSH and if necessary T3 and T4.

    1- Kanchanar Guggulu vati 500 mg
    2- Punarnavasava 10 ml + Gokharu kadha 10 ml X twice
    3- Trikatu 100gm+Bibhitak 50 gm, mix thoroughly and take 3 gm with honey twice in a day.
    4- Nasya-(Nasal Medication) Anu Tail in morning.
    Aahara- Vihara:
    • focusing on a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management (meditation, chanting mantra)
    • avoid cruciferous vegetables — such as turnips and cabbage — as they can block thyroid hormone production,
    • avoid any highly processed foods, Soya, Gluten, Fatty foods, Butter, Excess Sugar(daily intake may be 20 to 25 gm), Coffee, Sodium-less salt or use Rock salt- Sendha Namak
    • Regular moderate exercise is very good, to convert inactive thyroid hormone (T4) to the active form (T3) by removing an iodine molecule
    • Manage weight
    • Regular good sleep
    • Take Selenium rich fruits, food items like Onion, Garlic, Adrak, Curry patta, Pudina
    Sarvangasana {shoulder stand}is the most suitable and effective asana for the thyroid gland. Enormous pressure is placed on the gland by this powerful posture. As the thyroid gland has a large blood supply, pressure has a dramatic effect on its function, improving circulation and squeezing out stagnant secretions. Also beneficial after Sarvangasanais the practice of Matsyasana (fish pose) and Halasna (plough pose). Other effective asanas include Surya Namaskara(Sun salutation), Pavanamuktasana (wind relieving pose) with emphasis on head and neck exercises, Supta Vajrasana(sleeping thunderbolt pose) and all backward bending asanas.

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    24.May, 10:18pm

    Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Hello Dr Pratibha
    Dr G S Lavekar described very well of your case. I'm agree with him. You should follow him.

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    25.May, 07:44am

    Dr. Pratibha Jain
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Thank u so much sir for your valuable response..

    25.May, 12:54pm

    Dr. Demendrakumar Gorelal Thakre
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Dear dr.jain give pt arogyavardhini vati 500mg bd kanchanar guggul 250 mg bd and triphala kadha 40 ml bd . Above treatment is vyadhipratyanik .
    Also u have to give dosha praryanik treatment for fast result.
    If everything is right pt tsh will be normal within 2 month.

    25.May, 10:29pm

    Dr. Pratibha Jain
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Thanks to all..

    26.May, 12:28am

    Dr. Gaurav Mohan Jadhav
    Ayurveda Specialist

    You need ayurved diagnosis first before treatment

    26.May, 05:45pm

    Dr. Vaishali Mukesh Gori
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Agree to the treatment

    06.Jun, 07:29pm

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