Is Shankhapushpi effective in cases of Insomnia? (Ayurveda Specialist)

Dr. Sheetal Kamble., BHMS


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Hello Everyone,

I have an adult patient who has been suffering from Insomnia for many years. He tried all kind of medications with no benefits. I assume that his insomnia is mainly due to work and personal stress. I was wondering if he could take Shankhpushi for few months to overcome this problem or is there any other recommendation? Kindly advise on this and I would really appreciate your thoughts on this...

Thank you in advance..



    Dr. S. Riaz Ahmed

    This is not a forum for non-allopathic medications.

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    19.Sep, 02:09pm

    Dr. Aishwarya Ilavarasan
    Naturopathy Specialist

    Try to give hot foot bath immersion...
    cold compress on his head
    make him to drink poppy seeds crushed milk ..150 gm 100 ml of milk

    05.Oct, 03:37pm

    Dr. Ritu R. Singh
    Homeopathic Physician

    Homeopathic medicine Passiflora mother tincture 30 drops in water can be given at night for insomnia with very good results

    12.Oct, 03:39pm

    Dr. Shrikant Bajarang Sanmukh
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Please try to find out causative factors other that stress and work like food and natural urges habits.. if no other factor is there then shankpushpi, ashawagandha, jatamansi any of these medicine will work well.

    13.Oct, 12:05pm

    Dr. Arun A. Mehta

    Human body is programmed to sleep effortlessly and that system is robust. It seems to be quality of sleep problem.As long as the root cause is not discovered,accepted by the patient ,faced to resolve ,normal sleep will never happen in restless stressed mind,no matter what is given. It is a "do it to self " job but can get lot of benefit by seeing a counselor and discussing personal challenges and sources of stress.

    17.Oct, 02:40pm

    Dr. Pranay Shailendra Gandhi
    Internal Medicine Physician

    Why don't u simply refer this patient to a psychiatrist and he starts taking actual medicines instead of wasting time on nonsense.

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    22.Oct, 02:53pm

    Dr. Kaustubh Kane
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Hello Dr. Sheetal,
    Shankhapushpi is works on 'Dharan' kshmata of brain, i.e. memory aspect. Shakhapushpi will not give you desired result, better you can go for Tagar + Jatamansi + Jayphal combination this would give u desired result.....please check dosh, bal and agni of pt before administering.....
    And all resp allopathy medicos please do not comment in a way that is to disregard another science that you do not fully understand....

    20.Dec, 08:00pm

    Dr. Tinu Varghese
    Ayurveda Specialist

    The best medicine will be Brahmi vati and Saraswatarisht for a period of 3 weeks for excellent results

    29.Jan, 05:35pm

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