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Dr. Koushik Mukherjee
'a'typical hyperacidity, posted by Dr. Koushik Mukherjee under Cardiology
A 55 year old male patient came ER at 9 pm with the chief complaint of not passing stool for 3 days with hyperacidity, vomiting and abdominal distension, tightness and pain. on further query, he did not give history of any comorbidities or any major ... View thread »


Dr. Uphar Gupta
Recently I encountered a patient with rheumatic mitral stenosis with tetralogy of Fallot. I found only a few such cases in literature. The patient is a 35 year old male and this is his first presentation. No clubbing. Dyspnea is NYHA grade II. Could ... View thread »


Dr. Doaa Alya Attia
A heart transplant recipient, who is a 65-year-old female, presented to the transplant clinic. Her complaint is right index finger swelling that evolved 6 months after the transplant. Her immunosuppressive medications were Tacrolimus, CellCept, and ... View thread »