My query is about natal teeth extraction. (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

Dr. Shreyans Parakh., BDS


Medical Case Details:

If a baby has received Vitamin K injection at the time of birth, is it necessary to give another prophylactic dose of Vitamin K injection before the extraction of the natal teeth, if the baby is just 7 days old. And also, I would like to know what analgesic with the dosage could be given after extraction to a 7-day old child.



    Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh
    Child Health Specialist

    Better to give a shot of Vitamin K prophylactically even though its given as it won't harm, extraction to be under with topical local anesthetic spray or gel, and Paracetamol to be given 4-6th Hrly post extraction at 10-15 mg per kg dose for 3 days! This is enough!

    01.Aug, 12:42pm

    Dr. Shreyans Parakh

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion Dr. prashant

    01.Aug, 12:45pm

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