Refusal to breast feeding (Paediatrics)

Dr. Shalaka Joshi., MBBS, DNB(OBS & GYN), DGO, DFP


Medical Case Details:

My patient 2nd para delivered full term baby vaginally. Female child weighing 3 kg. First 4 months baby was breastfeeding very well.

In 5th month, Baby refuses to breastfeed when awake... She breastfeeds in deep sleep but not when awake. Baby accepts expressed breast milk with spoon. Bottle feeding never attempted. Mother has got enough supply of breast milk.



    Dr. Shalaka Joshi
    Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

    Hello Dr. Rishu,
    Thank you for your reply. But Everything like this has been tried. It is not working.
    I was keen to know whether such thing anyone has seen during their practice. What could be a possibility... Any behavioral disorder in child?

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    16.Mar, 06:03am

    Dr. Shalaka Joshi
    Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

    Breasts are full of milk, ample milk supply. Baby refuses to take nipple in mouth when awake. Baby turns head away from the nipple. We have already explained her to express the breast milk & feed baby with spoon.

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    16.Mar, 06:33am

    Dr. Sandeep Singh
    General Practitioner

    she may be giving something else to child in day tym also Look for personal hygienes of mother.. Its may be funny bt can be a cause of refusal..

    08.Apr, 11:09pm

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