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Discuss medical cases and clinical scenarios within "Psychiatrists" of iCliniq. All within Doctor-2-Doctor closed iCliniq network. Recognize rare medical conditions and sharpen your medical knowledge and keep your brain sharp.

Dr. Agatha
I have a patient who has been abusing cannabis for many years before developing schizophrenia. He has been treated by psychiatrists and rehabilate severally but does not seem to improve what other help can be given to him ... View thread »


Dr. Youness Tanani
Many patients especially with other chronic illness should not be treated by anti depressants at the first sight, Many of those patients never get better with the time ,the dark side they just get addicted to anti anxiety medications and dependant ... View thread »


Dr. Devendra
How to treat a patient having psychogenic urinary symptoms ie only when he thinks about them. Normal when engaged in work or sleep ... View thread »