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Swasth Plus - Basic Health Checkup @Rs.1399 Lab Test

Pre Test Information: 12 Hour Fasting Mandatory

Test Name: Swasth Plus - Basic Health Checkup

Tests Included: Glucose Fasting, Thyroid Profile Total (T3 Total, T4 Total, TSH), Lipid Profile Screen (Cholestrol Total, Triglycerides, HDL Cholestrol, LDL Cholestrol Calculated, VLDL Cholestrol Calculated), Urine Routine, HbA1c, Hemogram (Hemoglobin, PCV, TLC ,RBC Co Tests

Price: Rs.1399

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Tests Included In "Swasth Plus - Basic Health Checkup":

  1. Glucose Fasting
  2. Thyroid Profile Total (T3 Total
  3. T4 Total
  4. TSH)
  5. Lipid Profile Screen (Cholestrol Total
  6. Triglycerides
  7. HDL Cholestrol
  8. LDL Cholestrol Calculated
  9. VLDL Cholestrol Calculated)
  10. Urine Routine
  11. HbA1c
  12. Hemogram (Hemoglobin
  13. PCV
  14. TLC
  15. RBC Count
  16. MCV
  17. MCH
  18. MCHC
  19. Platelet Count
  20. Automated DLC
  21. Absolute Differential Counts
  22. RDW
  23. Automated ESR-Westergen)