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Disc Bulge

When the intervertebral disc, which serves as the cushion between two vertebrae, slips from its normal position or swells up, it is called disc bulge. It causes nerve compression and thus results in symptoms like tingling or pain in the back, neck, or shoulders, leg pain, numbness, weakness, and sciatica. It can result from poor posture, sudden load to the vertebrae, and due to genes.

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I have intense lower back pain for two months. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 19-year-old girl, currently suffering from lumbar or lower back pain. The pain started suddenly two months back and I have never had a history of back pain. There is intense pain in my lower back. Currently, I cannot bend down, sit for a long time, squat properly, and carry heavy...  Read Full »

Dr. Atul Prakash

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have seen the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). The MRI diagnosis is of a disc bulge L4-L5 and a mild disc prolapse L5-S1 but both the discs are currently hydrated though L5-S1 is not maintaining the disc height. Primarily, L5-S1 is the sour...  Read Full »

Is surgery necessary for the pain from waist to leg and foot with occasional numbness?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been having back, knee and foot pain and numbness for some time. So, I am wondering if I should see professional help? It started about a year or more ago, and then it was merely the lower left side of my back. It would go numb for a brief time after riding for about thirty or ...  Read Full »

Dr. Aida Abaz Quka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your symptoms (back pain radiating in the knee and leg) are suggestive of a bulging (slipped) intervertebral disc in the lumbar region, which is causing irradiating radicular pain in the knee. For this reason, I would recommend consulting with a neurologist for a ph...  Read Full »

Is getting steroid injection before ablation for neck pain better?

Query: Hi doctor, I have had right-sided chronic cervical neck pain for the past six months. My MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) revealed bulging discs, C6-C7 and C5-C6 osteophytes and severe bilateral stenosis, and typical degenerative disc disease. I visited a pain doctor hoping for a cervical steroid pr...  Read Full »

Dr. J. Mariano Anto Bruno Mascarenhas

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through your query with diligence and would like you to know that I am here to help you. Four years ago, you had had the same condition and were treated with cervical steroid injections (three), and the pain disappeared. Now, the pain has reappeared. Hen...  Read Full »

I am in constant pain due to disc protrusion. Will surgery help?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a small midline disc protrusion at C6/C7. Mild left side neural foramen C5/6 and C6/7 due to foraminal disc bulges. I am in constant pain daily and did three months with a chiro twice a week which has not helped and I am currently in my fourth week doing some kind of laser treat...  Read Full »

Dr. Nene Devavrat Harihar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to May I know what kind of pain you have? Is it radiating to your fingers starting from the neck? Do you have pain in both the hands or only tingling sensations? Any aggravating or relieving factors? You have been asked to repeat magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) after some ...  Read Full »

I suffer from upper back pain. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am suffering from¬†lower back pain for the past five months. After going through physiotherapy and other exercises, I feel better. Now, I have developed upper back and shoulder pain too. I think it is because of the exercise I did before. I have attached my MRI of lower back, C-spine...  Read Full »

Dr. Berry Chirag Ashok

Answer: Hello, Welcome to From your query what I understand is that you have lower back pain that is well controlled with physiotherapy exercises, but have recently developed upper back and right shoulder pain which you think may have been brought upon by some of the exercises. Let us discuss y...  Read Full »

Can discectomy be done for slipped disc?

Query: Hi doctor, I am an 18-year-old girl and I have a slipped or bulged disk in my lower back. I have had this injury going on for four months. I have been through physical therapy and that did not work. My doctor was talking to me about surgery. So I researched and found a surgery where they go in and ...  Read Full »

Dr. Pankaj Jain

Answer: Hello,Welcome to for a bulging disc is only indicated if the pain in the back is severe and not relieved by physiotherapy, then you need fusion surgery or if you have moderate to severe leg pain because of nerve compression causing decreased mobility, then you need discectomy. Ch...  Read Full »

What is the treatment for mild diffuse disc bulge in L4-L5?

Query: Dear doctor, My mother has been experiencing little back pain for more than three years. So, she has been consulting some neurosurgeons for some time but no major problem has been detected by them. Recently, the pain has increased a lot. She had consulted a nearby orthopedic surgeon. He has taken an...  Read Full »

Dr. Aida Abaz Quka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I agree with her doctor that surgery should be postponed as much as possible considering the mild bulging. I suggest using painkillers and Amitriptyline (if no contraindications) for the pain. Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and start taking th...  Read Full »

I have been experiencing pain in both of my shoulder blades and I feel knots in my scapula. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, For the past few weeks, I have been experiencing pain or burning in both of my shoulder blades. It does not hurt at the same time, but it alternates and sometimes the pain goes down the back of my arms or in my armpit area or it radiates underneath my ribs and goes down my side (all in...  Read Full »

Dr. Sumit Chawla

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for posting your query. I have gone through your history, and a disc bulge at C4 - 5 levels would not cause pain around the scapula. However, your arm and axilla pain can be related to it. Knot-like feeling around the scapular region is due to the mi...  Read Full »

I have been having a bulge on the right side of my back for the past 10 years along with lower back pain. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 23-year-old female and I had scoliosis. I wore braces for my spine for a while, but it did not really work and it started to affect my breathing. My parents and I took the decision for me to have surgery. The doctors made an incision on my back, two-three inches below my neck, al...  Read Full »

Dr. Sharoff Lokesh Mohan

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for your query. This is more of a rib cage due to deviation of the spine. Cosmetic appearance is not the only way to a happy life, your spine does not look too bad to recommend you another surgery, and there is very little chance that it will worsen. If yo...  Read Full »

Can I experience pain all over my body due to poor posture?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 35-year-old male. My weight is 58 kg, and my height is 174 cm. I am doing yoga, and some basic basketball exercises 2 to 3 times a week. Overall I am doing a sitting job and having a healthy diet, taking vitamins, good progress in yoga, working on my posture, no alcohol, no smokin...  Read Full »

Dr. Aida Abaz Quka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I passed carefully through your question and reviewed your X-ray images carefully, and would explain that your symptoms could be related to a wrong posture during childhood. Still, I do not see anything serious in your X-ray studies. For this reason, I would recomme...  Read Full »

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