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About "Geriatrics"

The medical specialty that deals with diseases and problems affecting older adults is called geriatric medicine. A physician who specializes in geriatrics and treats elderly patients is known as a geriatrician. The physiology of an aged body is different from the younger body. In old age, health issues and lifestyle choices produce various diseases and symptoms, which varies from person to person. A geriatrician has to differentiate if the symptoms experienced by the patient is a normal aging process or some disease.

The disease presentation in elder patients is vague and not specific. The main problems of an elderly patient are weakness, loss of energy, blurred vision, reduced hearing, declining memory, depression, and joint pains. All these problems make the patient physically and socially inactive and also affects mental stability. With proper care, treatment, and persuasion, these patients can be made physically, mentally, and socially active again.

The standard procedures performed by a geriatrician are assessment of mood, gait, and fitness of patients, and conducting physical examinations. Nowadays, 50 % of people above 65 years have three or more medical problems like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, or hypertension. It is very tricky to prescribe medicines to people with conditions that affect multiple organs, which a geriatrician is well experienced with. They have a comprehensive knowledge of drug interactions and reactions, and how certain drugs react to different diseases. Due to any chronic illness or other physical restraints, you are not able to consult a doctor in person, you can try using online medical platforms and consult experienced geriatricians online.

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