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About "Delirium"

Confused thinking and reduced awareness of the surroundings caused due to a disturbance in mental abilities is called delirium. It is a symptom of many underlying conditions like chronic illness, infection, surgery, injury, drug or alcohol withdrawal, intoxication, and low sodium in the blood. The symptoms of delirium are the inability to stay focused, poor memory, disorientation, hallucinations, restlessness, disturbed sleep, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. The types of delirium are:





  1. Hyperactive delirium – Here, the individual is restless, agitated, and has severe mood swings.
  2. Hypoactive delirium – It results in sluggishness and drowsiness.
  3. Mixed delirium – When a person has symptoms of both hyperactive and hypoactive delirium.

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