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About "Oral Implantologist"

The field of dentistry which deals with dental implants is called oral implantology. Dental implants are fabricated tooth roots that are placed in the patient’s jaw to replace a missing tooth or teeth. A dentist who is trained to perform treatment requiring dental implant is called a dental implantologist.

The dentist surgically places a screw-like implant inside the patient’s jaw bone. This implant serves as an anchor for replacing a missing tooth or dental bridge support or orthodontic treatment. A dental implant is made of pure titanium or titanium alloy. As titanium has the property of being osteophilic (affinity to bone), it is very compatible.

The two main types of dental implants are endosteal and subperiosteal implants. Endosteal implants are the most commonly placed implants, and they are inserted inside the jawbone like screws. In case of bone loss or if the jawbone is not very strong, subperiosteal implants are placed in between the gums and the jawbone.

Oral or dental implants are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times because unlike dental bridges, implants can replace lost dental roots. And dental bridges need grinding of the adjacent healthy teeth or tooth for support, which can be avoided with an implant. It is always best to get a dentist’s opinion through in person or online consultation, regarding the best treatment suited for you.

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