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About "Stem Cell Therapy"

There are hundreds of specific types of cells in the body such as nerve cell, heart cell, muscle cell, blood cell, etc. But, stem cells are the master cells of the body. They can differentiate into any type of specialized body cells or form new stem cells. Additionally, they have the potential to repair existing cells.

They are found in specific tissues in the human body such as the brain, bone marrow, skin, liver, blood, and blood vessels. They are best extracted from umbilical cord blood right after birth and banked for future therapies and surgeries.

In research laboratories, stem cells derived from plants, animals, and the human body have been induced under standard conditions to become specific cells that perform specialized functions.

Due to this extraordinary capability of this cell, they offer endless possibilities in the treatment of serious and debilitating diseases such as osteoarthritis, muscle injuries, joint inflammation, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, and bursitis. More research is required to use stem cells to its full potential.

Currently, stem cells are primarily being used for drug testing although their real potential will be realized when they are used on a full-fledged basis in stem cell therapy and skin wound healing. Stem cell therapy refers to generating new organs in the laboratory to be transplanted into a patient’s body in case of organ failure.

Stem cell therapy specialists harvest the stem cells from areas known to have high concentrations, proliferate them in laboratories, and inject them into injured tissues in order to promote the body’s natural healing mechanism.

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