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Dr. Albana Greca
Hello This is the case of one of my patients, came this morning into my clinic. Her mother reported rash on forehead and body only in the evening and during the night. Since 2 days now. Rash not notable at the moment of visit. Already asked for ... View thread »


Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth
A 22 year old male (lives in a hostel) has back acne and some lesions below both the buttocks, both since three years. Itching is sometimes present over the back, but not on the buttocks. No allergies. Not on any medications. Some lesions are present ... View thread »


Dr. Sumaiya Jamil
A 30 year old Asian female presented with white patches and ulcers on the lips since two months. She has been trying over-the-counter drugs, but it is still present. I put her on Daktarin (Miconazole) ointment and a thick emollient cream. She came ... View thread »


Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth
Back acne, posted by Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth under Dermatology
23 year old male with back acne since 3 years. He has papules and blackheads. Will retinoid cream help in this case? Please suggest a better treatment option if any ... View thread »


Dr. Sheetal Kamble
A 35 year old married male complained of dryness, burning, mild itching and redness over his penile skin. The penile skin has become rough with no or very less scaliness. The penile skin seems to get ruptured on and off and leaves small rash which ... View thread »


Dr. Ashish Kumar
S T D ?, posted by Dr. Ashish Kumar under Dermatology
A male patient has a complaint of a small skin tag on his penis and base of the penis without pain from six months. What will be next step ... View thread »


Dr. Albana Greca
11 year old female with hypopigmentic lesions since birth. Now growing like this. Thinking about tuberous sclerosis. Sending for biopsy next step. What you think? Thank you in advance ... View thread »


Dr. Nazma Parveen
24 year male is having hairfall since 4 years. Has taken qilib, folli hair serum, folli hair tab. What can be further route of treatment ... View thread »

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Dr. Sandhya
A Skin Case, posted by Dr. Sandhya under Dermatology
A 60 year old female with a previous history of type 2 DM, systemic hypertension and dyslipidemia on treatment complains of hypopigmented macules along the hairline and scalp, since the past 2 years. No associated pain, scaling or itching. She ... View thread »


Dr. Omnath Alvoor
Fungal infection, posted by Dr. Omnath Alvoor under Dermatology
A 27 year old male has extreme itching and the presence of a powdery substance in the cremaster area and the scrotum. The itchiness gets worsened with sweating and the area is inflamed because of constant itching ... View thread »