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Dr. Abeer
Severe headache in teen girl, posted by Dr. Abeer under Internal Medicine
Hi Doctors, I have a patient who has serious headache which last for 3-7 minutes. She is 16 yr old and currently no exams so I ruled out tension headache. No nausea, vomiting or photo phobia so ruled out migraine. Her psychologist prescribe her ... View thread »


Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth
Multiple lipomas, posted by Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth under Internal Medicine
45 yr old male. He developed lipoma over his left forearm at 25 years of age, and he got it excised. Recently, he developed multiple lipomas over the abdomen, arms, and thighs. There is no pain. What could be the reason behind multiple lipomas? How ... View thread »


Dr. Nishant Kumar
White lesion on prepuce, posted by Dr. Nishant Kumar under Internal Medicine
Hello Doctors, Here is a male patient, 44 yrs old, known diabetic since 2 yrs and on metformin 500 mg od , he was having blanitis 1 month back for which he was talking antifungal treatment, now since 3 days he is having white lesion over prepuce, he ... View thread »


Dr. Priyanga Kesavan
Hello, what could be the reason or cause for burning sensation all over the body, which is quite intense in the back region. Additional encountered symptoms are mild fever and severe muscle pain. Please share your thoughts ... View thread »


Dr. Shakti Mishra
Ear Blockage, posted by Dr. Shakti Mishra under Internal Medicine
A patient having ear block (left side) . Having cold n cough, on medication like azithral, grelinctus. Travelled through flight and ear got blocked since two days. difficulty in hearing as well. Tried all methods like nasal spray, gulping air, ... View thread »


Dr. Mohammed Parvez
A 24 years old with End Stage Liver Disease, portal hypertension, massive ascites, complaints of palpitations and lethargy ... View thread »


Dr. Pratik Patil
Shock scenario, posted by Dr. Pratik Patil under Internal Medicine
The patient presented to the casualty ward after a road traffic accident with a pulse of 54 per minute and a blood pressure of 90/60 mm Hg. What kind of shock is this? Please justify ... View thread »


Dr. Dipak Sopan Patade
41 years old female, resident of Pune, no comorbids, healthy lifestyle, h/o sudden loss of husband 4 months before since then she was little upset and had depressed affect due to Grief..2 months before started having intermittent mild frontal ... View thread »


Dr. Pratik Patil
If you are managing a 56 year old woman with severe pneumonia in the Intensive Care Unit, what will you do when you are called to see her because her leg has suddenly turned blue? Please tell me the diagnosis and management ... View thread »


Dr. Saumya Mittal
The 25 year old girl has a compliant of burning and redness of face and livedo reticularis like pattern on limbs for 4 years. Symptoms were on and off initially. But are persistent now. She feels comfortable only in AC even in winters with ... View thread »

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