Burning sensation with muscle pain and fever. (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Priyanga Kesavan., B.D.S


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Hello, what could be the reason or cause for burning sensation all over the body, which is quite intense in the back region. Additional encountered symptoms are mild fever and severe muscle pain. Please share your thoughts.



    Dr. Soheel Hussain Zargar

    Burning sensation all over the body with muscle fatigue can be due to neuropathy.
    so for fever is concerned it indicates infection.
    In the present times life style diseases are common and diabetes in not an exception in which patient may develope diabetic neuropathy leading to all such symptoms.
    morever diabetic patients are susceptible to infections so can have fever.
    Rest any neuropathy can have burning sensation,muscle weakness etc.
    vitamin deficiencies cant be ruled out.
    Record patients history,age,gender,drug history,visit to new place,allergic reactions,burning in mouth etc.

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    23.Nov, 10:28pm

    Dr. Sumaiya Jamil
    General Practitioner

    Since how long he is having these symptoms ,are there any rashes or redness involved .how old is he ? is he having any other diseases ? was there any trigger to this pain and fever ?

    24.Nov, 12:08pm

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