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Medical Advice on "Surgical Drainage"

A combined therapeutic approach including surgical drainage, debridement, and prolonged treatment (more than three months) with combined antimicrobial agents, has been used in managing cases of atypical mycobacterium … View thread »

Sometimes they do respond to hot fomentation along with an antibiotic eye drop, but if they are there for a long time, then surgical drainage is the only option … View thread »

In such a case you must visit the doctor soon as it may require a surgical drainage ... We can add a mucolytic drug to accentuate its drainageView thread »

If it has been present as such for a long time and especially if it is increasing in size, then you would have to visit a dentist for its drainage or excision … View thread »

It is a surgical procedure done under general anesthesia … View thread »

Drain needs to be continued until full drainage of the collection is done ... Manipulation of the position of the drain may be needed for drainage of residual collection … View thread »

... have any history of trauma or diabetes? You should try antibiotics for this. I suggest you try taking the following: Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and start taking the medicines after their consent. Capsule Augmentin (Amoxicillin and ... … View thread »

... description, it appears like a pyomyositis, a bacterial infection of muscle, probably of the pectoral muscle. It is usually seen in immunosuppressed patients. You mentioned she is receiving Prednisone, it could be due to this. What is the reason for taking ... … View thread »


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