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Vomiting At The Sight Or Thought Of Food

There are many physiological and psychological factors affecting a person’s appetite. For instance, if a person eats the same type of food every day, he may either lose interest in that or may feel nauseated at the site of it. On the other hand, some disorders or medical conditions such as bulimia and anorexia can also cause appetite loss in people.

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My 6-year-old niece has been suffering from excessive vomiting and nausea for the past nine months. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, My 6-year-old niece weighing 43.87 pounds has been experiencing a problem for the past nine months, coinciding with the start of her school. Upon waking up, she expresses a strong reluctance to attend school and subsequently vomits five to eight times, expelling liquid rather than food...  Read Full »

Dr. Ramesh Kumar S

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understood your concern. Based on the information you provided, it seems like she may be suffering from gastroenteritis, which is most commonly caused by a virus but can also be caused by bacteria or protozoa. I would recommend getting a test call...  Read Full »

I have been experiencing vomiting soon after eating for the past nine years. Please suggest the treatment for it.

Query: Hello doctor,I have been experiencing vomiting soon after eating, which started nine years ago and it resembled acidity. Over time, it has affected my appetite and now even the sight of food triggers vomiting. This situation still persists. To prevent vomiting, I have to eat food very slowly. Even a...  Read Full »

Dr. Rosita Alizadeh Shalchi

Answer: Hello,Welcome to read your query and understood your concern. I have reviewed your previous laboratory results. It appears that you are experiencing acid reflux. Acid reflux occurs when your lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is not functioning properly, allowing acid to flow back up. It...  Read Full »

I have had severe reflux, loss of appetite, and vomiting with achy chest pain for the past two weeks despite taking medicines. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor,For the past two weeks, I have been dealing with severe reflux, loss of appetite, and vomiting when I try to eat. I also have a dull achy pain in my chest. I do not have shortness of breath. Currently, I am taking TUMS, Rolaids, and ECT.Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Ramesh Kumar S

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concern. As per the brief history given by you, most likely you are having severe gastritis with overlapping esophageal spasm and gastroesophageal reflux. Because of the reflux disorder acid contents of the stomach regurgitate b...  Read Full »

My friend has anorexia nervosa, and she restricts herself from eating food as it makes her feel guilty. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, My friend is suffering from anorexia nervosa. She is 20 years old. A few months back, she starved for almost three months. From there, problems started. Now, she has a fear of food. After eating, she feels guilty and quits eating. Her mood fluctuates often and she feels anxious. She fe...  Read Full »

Dr. Vishal Anilkumar Gandhi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. You should try to follow the below lifestyle to deal with it. These are non-pharmacological steps that will help you. 1. You should exercise daily for 30 to 45 minutes like at least going for a walk. 2. You should...  Read Full »

I have stomach pain, loose motion, and vomiting after I eat something. What should I do?

Query: Hello doctor, I have stomach pain and loose motions. I vomit whatever I consume including water. I also have a fever which sometimes rises to 100 degrees. I am having difficulty for the last three days as I am not able to eat anything. I took some medicines but it did not give any relief. What shoul...  Read Full »

Dr. Nishant Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to As per your symptoms, you might be having food poisoning. Have you eaten anything from outside? Knowing that would help to pinpoint the line of treatment. Also please tell me if you have stomach pain or a bad taste in your mouth. As you have said that you have not ta...  Read Full »

Why does my son always vomits at the sight of food he does not like?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a 7 year old son who vomits or gags at the sight or thought of food that he does not like. He has been doing it for as long as I can remember. Every time I talk to his pediatrician about it, she says that it is no big deal, but I feel it is. He has to sit alone at lunch while a...  Read Full »

Dr. Nagasirisha Naredla

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Vomiting at the sight of food is psychological, but I would like to know to which kind of foods does he do that like is it for milk products, etc.? This also means he might be allergic to some foods. Those foods can be avoided. Is his weight normal for his age? If he vo...  Read Full »

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