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About "Dermatology"

Dermatology is the study and management of the diseases affecting the skin, hair, and nail. A doctor who is trained in the field of dermatology is called a dermatologist. They deal with both medical and surgical treatment. They also manage cosmetic disorders like hair loss, scars, and skin changes from aging. The range of treatments offered by a dermatologist includes topical and systemic medications, cosmetic surgery, immunotherapy, phototherapy, laser therapy, radiotherapy, and photodynamic therapy.

A dermatologist helps in the diagnosis and treatment of common skin disorders like warts, fungal infection, psoriasis, acne, contact dermatitis, eczema, and skin cancer. Apart from skin diseases, they also treat conditions affecting the hair and nails. They perform skin surgery in emergencies like skin cancer or to remove any skin growth like skin tags or to treat discoloration due to sun exposure and aging or for biopsy.

Dermatology is continuously changing to adapt itself to the changing society. New dermatological problems keep coming up due to exposure to new drugs, pesticides, industrial compounds, and cosmetics. Most skin diseases are due to an allergy that can be caused by an infinite number of things. An experienced dermatologist, with the help of various tests, will be able to narrow down the cause for such skin diseases and will provide appropriate treatment. With the support of online medical platforms, you can consult a professionally trained dermatologist online, either through video consultation or by posting photos of your skin disorder.

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