#iCliniq Success Stories

Know how a patient was encouraged to proceed with the treatment with confidence by an iCliniq physician?
A 31-year-old male, who had recurrent candidiasis, contacted a dermatologist on icliniq.com.. Read story »

Know how an iCliniq Gynecologist helped an adopting couple
Adopting a child is an important decision and couples have a lot of questions and things that they need answers to before welcoming the baby into their life. .. Read story »

Know how an iCliniq helped an expat with a language barrier
During a routine check-up, a patient found his HSV IgG to be higher than average, which made him worried... Read story »

Know how an iCliniq physician helps a patient by diagnosing the root cause of the problems.
A 26-year-old PCOD patient was having heavy menstrual bleeding for more than a couple of weeks. During her last period, she had spotting for ten days and then started bleeding heavily from the 11th day... Read story »

Know how a concerned patient got impressed and relaxed with the quick response of iCliniq Physician?
A worried patient noticed a weird lesion and white scaly patches at the back of her throat... Read story »

Know how an iCliniq's Homeopathic physician helped a user with skin related concerns
A patient concerned about his dull face skin contacted a homeopathic doctor on icliniq.com... Read story »

Know how iCliniq's Radiologist gives relief to a worried daughters heart
A worried daughter of a 68 year old patient contacted a radiologist on icliniq.com regarding the interpretation of chest CT scans of her mother, who coughed up blood a week back. .. Read story »

Know how an iCliniq physician cautioned the user about possible selenium deficiency
A patient with severe hair fall and breakage was advised by her nutritionist to take multivitamin supplements that contained iodine in it but only after consulting a GP as she also suffered from an underactive thyroid... Read story »

Know how our patient recovered from a longstanding genital infection with Icliniq Dr's prompt instruction/guidance?
43-year-old married man who was previously diagnosed with balanitis complained that he had applied Momate F.. Read story »

Know how an iCliniq physician comforts a worried son and clears his doubts.
An icliniq user was concerned about his 67-year-old father having shivers.. Read story »

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