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Acute Calculous Cholecystitis

Acute cholecystitis occurs as a result of inflammation affecting the gallbladder. It occurs due to the obstruction of the cystic duct by gallstones or biliary sludge (a mixture of bile with cholesterol and salt). The main symptom observed is upper abdominal pain. Nausea, vomiting, sweating, and yellowish discoloration of the skin are other symptoms seen. Taking antibiotics helps relieve pain, and cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) helps in severe cases.

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What can cause RUQ pain?

Query: Hello doctor, I am suffering from NAFLD for the last six months. Now, I am having RUQ heaviness, back pain and flatulence for the last three months. I had several tests and I have given the details below with the findings. USG of whole abdomen - hepatomegaly with fatty liver, fibroscan - 3.2 kPa med...  Read Full »

Dr. Sadaf Mustafa

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for providing a detailed history. Based on your symptoms, it is likely that your abdominal pain is originating from either your stomach (gastritis and esophagitis), hiatus hernia, gall bladder stones, or gall bladder dysfunction. It would be helpful to know i...  Read Full »

Why am I experiencing right-sided abdominal cramps?

Query: Hi doctor, The following symptoms started about four hours ago. I am experiencing cramps on my right side, near my hip bone. I feel them more in the front but at times, can feel it in my back. At first, the cramps were minutes apart, but now they are roughly 30 seconds apart. I am a 43 year old fema...  Read Full »

Dr. Uppal Veerpal Singh

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Right side lower abdomen cramps could probably be caused by gynecological disorders such as right-sided salpingitis (fallopian tube inflammation) or oophoritis (ovary inflammation). If it is manifested with high temperature and spasmatic pain, then we should th...  Read Full »

Why did I develop right lower abdominal pain after taking antibiotics?

Query: Hi doctor, I am taking some antibiotics (Clindamycin) for dental related issues as well as Acetaminophen. I also tried Ibuprofen and Wellbutrin for unrelated reasons. My bottom right abdomen area is hurting on and off. The pain is also near the liver area and going down to the gut. The pain is not s...  Read Full »

Dr. Deepak Patel

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concerns. The cause of vague pain in the lower right abdomencould be due to cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, renal stone, muscular pain, or side effect of some drug. Of the drugs you are taking, Wellbutrin - Bupropion has a known side effect of abdo...  Read Full »

I have a respiratory problem. Is it wise to plan gallbladder operation?

Query: Hi doctor, My mother was diagnosed to have acute cholecystitis. She is 65 years old and is suffering from respiratory and heart problem. One mild stroke also happened around two years back. She had recently failed pulmonary function test. Will it be wise to plan gallbladder operation? Please reply.  Read Full »

Dr. Srivastava, Sumit

Answer: Hi, Welcome to If a diagnosis of acute cholecystitis is confirmed, it is advisable to proceed with gallbladder surgery. However, the suitability of the patient for anesthesia must be considered. In the case of your mother, who is experiencing pulmonary function test abnormalities, it is...  Read Full »

My CT scan reported multiple cysts in gallbladder. What is it?

Query: Hi doctor, Suddenly, I had an intense stomach pain. As per recommendation, I had a CT scan and other tests were carried out. It reported small multiple calculi with biliary sludge in the gallbladder. Jaundice is also high. My stomach pain, headache, body pain and vomiting is happening regularly. I h...  Read Full »

Dr. Naresh Kumar M.

Answer: Hello, Hello, welcome to I have gone through all the details you have posted. The problem you are suffering from is called acute calculous cholecystitis, where the gallbladder has stones and becomes inflamed along with hepatitis. As the stones are multiple, you may also suffer from pan...  Read Full »

Is surgery needed for acute cholecystitis with cholelithiasis?

Query: Hello doctor, I am having right abdominal pain since last five days. I am not getting relief after taking medicines also. My ultrasound says that the gallbladder is distended with a 0.2 inch calculus at the gallbladder neck. The gallbladder wall is 0.22 inch and appears thickened. The gallbladder is...  Read Full »

Dr. Arvind Guru

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It is very tempting to treat gallbladder stones with dissolving drugs, but there are some very important limitations, which are, those drugs require up to two years of treatment, they do not prevent the formation of new ones, they cannot be used on all types of stones,Lea...  Read Full »

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