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Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a pattern of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in a short time. It usually occurs when a man consumes five or more drinks, and a woman consumes four drinks or more in two hours. In this, a person's blood alcohol concentration will reach above 0.8 g/dL. Binge drinking will increase the stress on the heart, causing high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

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I drink beverages and carbonated drinks twice a week. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 28 year old female. I love to drink beverages and carbonated drinks at least twice a week. Is that good or bad to drink? How harmful is it when it is not good for health? I also have vitamin D deficiency and often get stomach upset. Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Chibitam Hope Obia

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I am very sorry about your medical condition. The frequent intake of beverages and carbonated drinks is very bad for the body as it gives rise to diabetes, hypertension, and coronary heart disease. Regarding vitamin D deficiency, please take vitamin D supplements, s...  Read Full »

Can a single glass of wine 58 hours prior a CDT test affect the result?

Query: Hello doctor, I have abstained from alcohol for four months, following a history of occasional binge drinking. My CDT levels have been consistently negative in bi-weekly tests. However, I recently consumed one glass of wine, approximately 20 grams of alcohol, 58 hours before my upcoming test. I am c...  Read Full »

Dr. Vishal Anilkumar Gandhi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. Typically, it takes more than 100 grams of alcohol to produce a CDT (carbohydrate-deficient transferrin) result of three percent. If you have consumed around 60 mg, it would result in 1.7 percent CDT, which is relative...  Read Full »

What are the side effects of drinking during the first trimester?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 5 weeks 3 days pregnant now. I was excessively binge drinking for the past four months. I stopped at the fourth week of pregnancy after missing my periods. I am scared. Will it cause any ill effects on my unborn child?   Read Full »

Dr. Reetika

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You are pregnant now and so you have stopped drinking. It is a good step. Drinking while pregnancy causes ill effects on the fetus. You got aware of it and so you have stopped drinking. Stop feeling guilty and stay happy. There are multiple types of scans and marker tes...  Read Full »

I am a 22-year-old female having pain in the abdomen region after consumption of alcohol. I am concerned that it is a serious issue. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am 22-year-old female. I started facing pain in my navel area which was sharp for a few days after alcohol consumption. I drink once a week only for the past four months. So this pain extended to symptoms of gastritis like burping after meals and fullness in the chest while lying dow...  Read Full »

Dr. Ghulam Fareed

Answer: Hello doctor, Thank you for the reply. I would like to know the following: Do you think I am suffering from irritable bowel syndrome since I have spasmodic gut contractions? Spasmodic gut contractions occur once a week or so, but not frequently. Urgency in bowel movements is also absent. Does it s...  Read Full »

What can cause red hives to appear on the body after drinking alcohol?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a male aged 24 years with an overall healthy history. However, I have noticed in the recent past a bunch of red hives on (swollen red-colored, not-painful) different parts of the body (knees, legs, cheek, arms) appearing after drinking beer or wine. This happened now twice in a r...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I am sorry, but the picture you uploaded (attachments removed to protect the patient's identity) seems a little bit taken far away, not giving me a full description of what it is. Yes, you should get your liver function tests. This will help us to detect any subtle da...  Read Full »

How to get rid of scary thoughts after visualizing what I saw in a scary movie?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a female, and I recently saw a scary movie, where a man used a turkey baster to insert semen into a woman's vagina. This scared me very much, and I remember one time I fell asleep on a couch in a study room. If someone did something like this to me while I was asleep, it would hav...  Read Full »

Dr. Ashok Kumar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concerns. It is normal to some extent to have scary thoughts after visualizing scary scenes in the movies or real life. The kind of idea which you are experiencing is known as intrusive thoughts and mostly very scary and distressful.�...  Read Full »

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