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Medical Advice on "Height Gain"

Increment in height in last 2 years was 4 cm/year ... Your son's height falls just below 10th percentile of height for age (WHO standard) ... His height gain in the previous 2 years is on the lower side ... However his main height gain will be in the forthcoming years when he enters puberty … View thread »

What is your current height ... What is the height of your parents ...   Once femur and tibia have fused, very little height increase is expected and whatever height gain seen after this is from vertebral end plates and the contribution in height by these will be quite less … View thread »

My height is 57 and wife is 51 ... I am extremely worried about my children height as we are short … View thread »

This height calculator uses a unique formula and takes genetics into account to predict the height of your child … View thread »

Your current height will be based on a combination of your genes and environmental factors ... If your parents are tall, you will also reach a good height eventually in most of the cases … View thread »

I have a question concerning my height ... My question is, why did not I grow in these last five years by heightView thread »

Growth in terms of height drastically reduces after puberty ... Theoretically, with proper nutrition and under ideal circumstances, growth in height stops in women at 18 years and in men at 24 years … View thread »

Height is quite a concern for teens ... We have to figure out that the height we have is predominately a genetic factor … View thread »

His height is 1195 cm and weight is 255 kg ...  My height is 5 feet 5 inches and my wife's height is 5 feet … View thread »

How can I improve my height ... Growth in height is very difficult after 18 years of age ... In my opinion, there is not much scope of gaining height ... At the maximum, you may gain 1 or 2 inch more … View thread »


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