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Health Tools and Calculators can help manage your health and wellness. You can check your ideal Body Weight, find out Safe Days Calculator, Blood Pressure, Early Pregnancy Calculator, Estimated Due Date Calculator and more.
Adjusted Body Weight Calculator

The Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) calculator ascertains the adjusted body weight on the basis of the actual weight and the estimated ideal body weight.  Click Here »

Body Frame Size Calculator

Get your Body frame size with wrist size and height. Based on your body frame ranges, plan the diet and routine exercise to make yourself fit.  Click Here »

Waist to Chest Ratio & Chest to Hip Ratio Calculator

Our Waist to Chest Ratio & Chest to Hip Ratio Calculator measure the fitness level of individuals. To stay healthy regular check ups are important, just with a click you can get the result.  Click Here »

Treadmill Test Calculator

Treadmill Test Calculator an efficient tool for heart patients to check their Cardiac health. Cardio vascular fitness can be maintained with the help of this tool.  Click Here »