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Health Tools and Calculators can help manage your health and wellness. You can check your ideal Body Weight, find out Safe Days Calculator, Blood Pressure, Early Pregnancy Calculator, Estimated Due Date Calculator and more.
Propoints Weight Watchers Calculator

Our Propoints Weight Watchers Calculator suggest people to lose those extra pounds and ameliorate their body weight by monitoring the food points.  Click Here »

Weight Loss by Target Date Calculator

Get tracked of your gained or lost kilograms. Weight Loss by Target Date Calculator helps you to get a progress history in your weight loss in time period and your extra or burnt calories detail.  Click Here »

Fat Free Mass Index Calculator

To stay toned in Six pack abs. Get the FFMI test, Fat Free Mass Index Calculator calculates the approximate value of FFMI. It is an alternate of BMI which accumulates the both muscle and the fat mass.   Click Here »

One Rep Max Bench Press Calculator

One Rep Max Bench Press Calculator estimates the level of the workout needed to reduce the weight. Using the value we can get the actual strength of a person.  Click Here »

VO2 Max Calculator

The VO2 max calculator gives the estimated amount of oxygen your body can consume. It will help you in maintaining fitness.  Click Here »

Treadmill Test Calculator

Treadmill Test Calculator an efficient tool for heart patients to check their Cardiac health. Cardio vascular fitness can be maintained with the help of this tool.  Click Here »