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Medical Advice on "Anal Pain"

 Now, I feel pain and inflammation in my rectum and it seems that there is some swelling inside ... So, kindly suggest some medicine, which will be helpful to get relief from the pain and for smooth bowel movement … View thread »
Hi doctor, I had anal bleeding and pain for a year ... He has given a cream for anal fissure and one tonic for stool smoother to reduce pain while going to the bathroom … View thread »
As you have given every possible analgesic and the pain is not relieved, I think the hemorrhoid has strangulated ... It means it is entrapped within the anal sphincter ... Since last four days, she has been getting severe pain between vagina and anus and that area is swollen ... The pain is very severe … View thread »
I suggest you apply Faktu ointment (Cinchocaine and Policresulen) twice daily for anal pain ... Hi doctor,I am suffering from bleeding piles with painView thread »
After knowing your symptoms, it mainly seems that you are suffering from fissure in ano which is also a reason for blood in stool associated with anal pain while passing stool … View thread »
I also have anal pain once in a while ... I have back pain, incomplete bladder emptying, dark urine, sometimes vaginal pain and a little itch … View thread »
I am suffering from anal fistula for the last four years ... I get pain in the anal region because of this … View thread »
So, the pain is referred to the anal area ... But, since the last one year, I feel a throbbing pain in my anus after masturbation ... The pain lasts for 5 to 10 minutes … View thread »
Extension of 15 cm up to anal sphincter was given and sutured ... It seems there is fistula (tunnel like passage) formation leading to recurrent perianal abscess in your anogenital area ... Hi doctor, I am in real pain for past 9 months and my doctor is clueless after several visits ... After 2-3 days in hospital I kept complaining about excessive pain and burning in that suture compared to others … View thread »
It is painful to excrete ... There is a pain the whole day and there were even blood stains once … View thread »
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